Satin Ultra Vivid

Satin Ultra Vivid Fashion Colors Aloe Vera Base Developlus 30oz

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                         Ultra Vivid Fashion Colors Aloe Vera Base Developlus

Satin Ultra Vivid Fashion Colors are the only Aloe Vera based, low ammonia, cream hair color available today. Satin is formulated with micro-color molecules for super fade resistant colors. Satin’s unique reconstructive base actually leaves hair looking healthier, shinier and in better condition than before you started. Satin Fashion Colors for Ultra Vivid, Ultra Smooth, Ultra Healthy hair every time.

For superior results, use ONLY Satin Oxide Developers. To maintain color, choose Satin ColorCare shampoos & conditioners.

  • 2-3 Full Applications per Tube
  • Under 1% Ammonia
  • 100% Grey Coverage 
  • Bottle or Bowl Application
  • Conditioning Aloe Vera Base Contains Micro-color Molecules for Super Fade Resistant Color
  • Mixes 1 part Color / 2 parts Oxide Developer.