L'oreal Browns Extreme Hair Color 1.74oz

L'oreal Browns Extreme Hair Color 1.74oz

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Offers a rich, long-lasting bold brown. Comes with an anti-breakage ceramde R complex that penetrates and conditions the hair's cortex which provides ultimate protection against breakage. Your clients will notice the smoothing and conditioning effects instantaneously.

As a part of the, 'Excellence' hair color line by L'Oreal, it also comes with pro-keratine complex and enriched with special polymers which protect and revitalize your hair from inside out. Also provides 100% Gray Coverage. It's conditioning agents are very gentle and will not damage fragile, fine, dry, permanent waved or relaxed hair. The unique foaming action makes application simple and your hair will detangle with ease and be left silky to the touch.

  • Amazing shine with vibrant medium golden brown color
  • Excellence triple protection system reinforces internal structure of hair to help protect from damage giving rich radiant color
  • Protective pre-color serum protects fragile areas of hair, mainly dry ends and also helps prevent damage
  • Protective pro-keratine color creme beautifully colors hair with 100% long-lasting gray coverage
  • The protective conditioning treatment deeply conditions and helps protect hair after and in-between coloring


  1. Use colorist gloves and twists off the tip of the developer (1) bottle cap before starting. Remove cap from bottle.
  2. With the point on the cap, pierce the opening of the color creme (2) tube. Do not point either end towards your face. Squeeze all the contents of the color creme (2) into the developer (1) bottle and then put the cap back on the bottle.
  3. Put your finger on the open tip, hold away from your face and shake well until mixture is totally blended. The developer bottle is now your hair color bottle!